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Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome Princeton Area Alumni Association members!

The Princeton Area Alumni Association is back in business! After a decade-long hiatus, we are “roaring” to go…

Our Mission:
The Princeton Area Alumni Association (PA3) consists of the approximately 4,000 undergraduate and graduate alumni of Princeton University who live locally in the greater Princeton, NJ area. The PA3 organizes various social, career/networking, volunteer and cultural opportunities for alumni, , providing Princeton experiences to complement the various activities the University offers students, alumni and the local community.

This is our first PA3 newsletter. Because it is our first, it will probably be the longest. The newsletter is intended to give members of the PA3 a brief overview of upcoming events, interesting news, contact information for the PA3 leaders, and links to more details. Please join us in any of the events listed on our schedule below, and feel free to provide ideas for future events.

Please Consider Volunteering:
PA3 volunteers are encouraged and necessary to ensure a thriving organization. Feel free to contact a committee leader directly (or the PA3 at if you are interested.

To date:
The PA3 has 1) co-sponsored a very successful career networking event; 2) established an acting leadership group; 3) arranged social events for August and September; 4) adopted by-laws; and 5) created a website. Immediate upcoming endeavors include finalizing the PA3 constitution, exploring opportunities for student/alumni interaction, organizing community service activities, planning more social gatherings, reaching out to “lost” PA3 members, electing officers, and much, much more!

Kristin Epstein ’97, Chair (

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