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Saturday, September 20, 2008

PA3 Goes to Isles

Our first PA3 Community Service event - a volunteer day on September 20 at Isles - was a great success. Almost 50 people - mostly alums, but also students, families and friends - spent the day tearing down walls and disassembling interior structures in a beautiful, century-plus-old former textile mill. The 6.5 acre site is being converted by Isles into a mixed use, "green" village, to include offices for public interest and environmental organizations, training facilities for inner city youth, homes, art studios and other spaces. We learned something and had a lot of fun, and we're tentatively planning a similar event in late October to finish the demolition in the area where we were working.


J. D. Oznot '68 said...

This sounds like an outstanding piece of good, hard work ... both fun and constructive. Kudos to all vounteers!

Devonita said...

This was an excellent event, and I had such a great time! The building has a neat history, and it is even more neat what they are turning it into. I would love for the PA3 to have another trip so we can see how the building progresses and contribute again to this great project!

Jon Carl Lewis said...

I so enjoyed the event... as did my partner... thanks for the great pic!

(May we use it on Facebook pages to recruit others?)

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