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Friday, March 20, 2009

COLLEGE MENTORING: Volunteers Needed

***Monday, March 23, 1:30-3:00 p.m.***
COLLEGE MENTORING in partnership with ReachOut 56-81 (
Isles Youthbuild Insitute, 354 South Broad Street, Trenton [note: this is NOT the Isles Johnston Ave site]

From Lon Johnson '08, Executive Coordinator, ReachOut 56-81: "Session will be about local 2 and 4 year universities and colleges that might be options for the Youthbuild students upon their graduation next year. We'll touch on the SATs, essays, financial aid, and whatever else they might be curious about in terms of the college admissions process. In Early April, we're planning on going back in to the school to hold a similar type of session on military service and vocational training. Volunteers at the March 23rd session will be expected to know what a college might be looking for in an applicant, and how a student goes about paying for college. Later on this spring, we'll return to provide one on one counseling to interested students."

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER ON MARCH 23, please contact Lon Johnson at or 609-462-5545.

Lon continues: "Our 'Learning for Life' program at Youthbuild, of which the session on the 23rd is a part, is designed to expose the Youthbuild students to different career paths and opportunities that they can expect to pursue when they graduate. Because of this, we're really looking for a wide variety of career paths among our volunteers. That being said, on the 23rd we're expecting to meet with 15-20 students (those at Youthbuild who are interested in further academics), and we already have 4 or 5 class of 56 supporters and could use another 3-4 volunteers."

Please note: For alums who are interested in college mentoring but are not available to volunteer on weekdays when ReachOut's activities take place, PA3 is also developing a college mentoring program that will engage volunteers on weekends and/or evenings.

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